Recently, the Trump Administration released final rules on an executive order signed in October 2017 that deals with association health plans. Ostensibly, this order attempts to lower the cost of health insurance for the self-employed and small businesses by allowing them to band together for the purchase of insurance. While this is a noble goal, it’s worth noting a few Read More

Despite being one of the most expensive purchases we make, most consumers spend comparatively little time understanding their health insurance plan. As such, health insurance remains a source of frustration and mystery to most. Over the more than 500 enrollment meetings hosted, I’ve noticed that the general confusion and misunderstanding over even the most basic of health insurance concepts is Read More

You’ve heard all the catchphrases and taglines and over-used superlatives. So have we. That’s why when we talk about our values, we keep things uncomplicated: Integrity. Professionalism. Competence. In other words: doing insurance right, doing it well and doing it smart. So, when we chose to join Accelerent in 2013, it was after a considerable amount of due diligence and soul-searching. Read More