Community Outreach

You don’t live in a bubble… and neither do we.

We are deeply committed to our community and to a mindset we call “Give to Give.” We help people, causes and charities near and dear to us not because it’s what a company “should” do or because we expect anything in return. We do it because we truly believe that it makes us better people and better neighbors.

You’ll find us supporting a wide range of charitable causes including Casey Cares Foundation, The Baltimore Zoo and The Helping Up Mission, among others. Each year, we provide a local family with full Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and holiday gifts. In fact, one of our most treasured holiday traditions in the office is coming together to wrap gifts for “our” adopted children each year. Our staff has also participated as volunteers at the Maryland Special Olympics.

Our founder and CEO Wayne Coffey created his own non-profit organization, No More Stolen Childhoods, dedicated to raising awareness of childhood sexual abuse. The organization is currently working with numerous school districts in Maryland and Pennsylvania to help parents, teachers and children understand and prevent this terrible crime. More information can be found at