Accelerent: Building our business by Building our relationships

You’ve heard all the catchphrases and taglines and over-used superlatives. So have we. That’s why when we talk about our values, we keep things uncomplicated: Integrity. Professionalism. Competence. In other words: doing insurance right, doing it well and doing it smart.

So, when we chose to join Accelerent in 2013, it was after a considerable amount of due diligence and soul-searching. We wanted to make sure that it was a commitment that we could uphold, and that we were in a position to give as much if not more than we hoped to receive. Now, 5 years later, we can comfortably say that it was and continues to be the right decision!


How much business have we received during your time with Accelerent? 
I look at our business success within Accelerent two ways: direct or indirect. Direct is revenue we receive and indirect is the relationships we develop with partner companies. Since joining Accelerent, we have written 67 pieces of closed business generating over $200,000 in reoccurring revenue.Two examples of indirect success outline the beauty of partners thinking out of the box.  A law firm, that is also an Accelerent Partner, and our firm are very involved in Cyber Liability and have created a platform where we can exchange legal and insurance knowledge that is beneficial to our clients. The second is the creation of a team of Accelerent Partners working in the Cannabis business, meeting to discuss clients and potential clients, while educating each other of the trends we are seeing in insurance, building construction and accounting, related to the industry.

What do you think has been your key to success in Accelerent? 
The keys to our success include the many ways we have approached our involvement:

  • Showing commitment & diligence in attending events prepared and engaged.
  • Being genuinely interested in the success of the organization and fellow Partners.
  • Supporting and assisting other Accelerent Partners.
  • Being bold in advising Accelerent Leaders what is working and where I believe they can improve.
  • Utilizing the list of attendees before each breakfast and asking my fellow Partner for an introduction.
  • Focusing on helping new Partners become effective using the Accelerent platform.
  • Scheduling 1-1 meetings with Partners.
  • Inviting 5-6 Partners to my home for a wine tasting.

What advice do you have for other Accelerent Partners or prospective Accelerent Partners?
If your business has thought about joining Accelerent or you are wondering if it is worth the investment, I would say:

  • Ask questions of those Partners who have tenure & are successful. They are insightful and can help you understand what has helped in their success.
  • Contribute to other Partners before requesting.
  • Understand that the process is a journey, not a destination.
  • Ensure that you treat your membership as a responsibility and not a right.
  • Be patient, but deliberate.
  • Believe that you will be successful.

At the end of the day, Accelerent and their concept boils down to one of my favorite quotes: “If I worry how I might help others achieve their needs and wants, my needs and wants get fulfilled without my having to worry.”

At Coffey & Co, we’re about old-fashioned hard work, ethics and doing everything we can to make every last client feel like they’re our only client. Our commitment to service and striving for excellence has made us an industry leader among our peers nation-wide.

It’s people that make our success possible. Our staff knows their stuff! They’re committed to serving our clients and community and making our values a living reality in a tough business world. We work with excellent carrier-partners that provide the cost-competitive products, services and support we offer to our clients.