Integrity, Professionalism, Competence



Welcome to Coffey & Company

Coffey & Company, Inc. is dedicated to increasing the success, security and well being of clients, carriers, colleagues and community. It is our mission to utilize the resources of our firm to be "the best by any measure" which means, always getting better while striving to realize our potential in the services we provide. Coffey & Company is an organization built upon three main beliefs — integrity, professionalism and competence. 

High Performance; DELIVERED

"I am proud of the staff that works with me and I give you my personal pledge that we are fully engaged as a team committed to long term relationships —relationships of trust and mutual benefit."

If I can assist you in any manner, please feel free to contact me at (410) 785-1432 or

D. Wayne Coffey, President

Please note our new address and phone number:

225 Schilling Circle, Suite 260
Hunt Valley, MD 21031

Phone #410-785-1432
Fax #410-785-4970

Click on "About Us - Testimonials" and view videos from four of our clients who tell you first hand why they conduct business with Coffey & Company!

For information regarding our non-profit organization,
No More Stolen Childhoods, please visit  


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