Coffey & Company, Inc. is dedicated and passionate about increasing the success, security and well being of clients, carriers, colleagues and community. It is our mission to utilize the resources of our firm to be "the best by any measure" which means, always getting better while striving to realize our potential in the services we provide. Coffey & Company is an organization built upon three main beliefs — integrity, professionalism and competence.

Business Insurance

From the home-based entrepreneur to the international corporation, every business has it's own risks, concerns, and priorities. Coffey & Company builds a customized program for each client founded on personal services, experience, and the highest quality coverages from top carriers. With seventeen markets to choose from, you can be confident that we will provide you the best program for your operation.

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Employee Benefits

Successful companies see their benefit program as an integral piece of the compensation package because they recognize value in its ability to help attract and retain quality employees.  In today’s highly competitive markets, a company’s ability to differentiate itself may be the difference between having a best and brightest minds working for you or your competition. 

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Personal Insurance

The difference Coffey & Company brings to insuring your personal assets lies in our years of experience and access to competitive and comprehensive programs. Many of our clients have gone out of their way to express satisfaction with our rapid service at the time of a claim and our dedication to going the extra mile to protect our clients. In a time of 800 numbers and phone mail, let us exceed your expectations.

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Financial Services

Our Financial Services Division developed out of a need of our corporate clients to protect their income and families against the unexpected. With the abundance of agents touting “expertise” in the field of financial services that had saturated the market, these business-owners and entrepreneurs were looking to build a relationship with someone they had experience working with.

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2017 Employer Health Benefit Survey

By Brad Leddon 1| August 1, 2018

Health insurance represents a top three expenditure for the majority of businesses that offer the coverage. As such, it’s helpful to be able to put your business’s programs and costs in perspective. One of the best and most comprehensive reports on the state of employer-sponsored benefit programs is the Kaiser Family Foundations Employer Health Benefit Survey. Released annually, it represents Read More

Health Insurance 101: PPO vs HMO, Deciphering network choices

By Brad Leddon 1| July 10, 2018

Which of the following statements are false? HMOs are small networks HMOs require referrals PPOs are always better POS stands for something that can’t be repeated in this post Answer? ALL OF THEM!  Despite the evolution of HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) over the years, many people maintain a negative perception of them. In doing so, they often end up selecting Read More

Our Partners

Coffey & Company is a proud member of Vistage, the top CEO development group in the world and a partner member in Accelerent, a leading business development program. Wayne Coffey is also the founder of the non-profit No More Stolen Childhoods, created to raise awareness of childhood sexual abuse.